LOBO Wins Orders From USA Retailer Amazon

LOBO Systems, the British firm producing the worlds’ most sophisticated scaffolding system, has won more than £600,000 worth of orders from e-commerce giant Amazon.

Amazon stated: “We have been extremely impressed with the flexibility, quality and versatility of LOBO. In a very short time, it has proved to be a perfect investment for the company, safe access to our conveyor systems is now possible and LOBO provides a cost-effective way.”

Amazon has elevated LOBO to be globally approved and now has 30 distribution centres across the USA that require a LOBO System immediately to complete maintenance tasks.

LOBO has performed an extensive and lengthy process to obtain approval by Amazon Global Engineering and the all import compliance to safety regulations, which enabled these orders to be placed.

As LOBO is modular with no tools assembly, Amazon engineers use LOBO to access awkward areas above and around their conveyor units, which are in constant use, so a high priority. Outsourced contractor scaffolding costs can be substantially reduced, as maintenance teams can assemble the system anywhere required.

Robert Bokros, LOBO Systems inventor & CEO, explained: “The LOBO Advanced Platform System has revolutionized the way industry works safely at height. Evidence from satisfied users illustrates incredible cuts in scaffolding costs, reduced downtime whilst waiting for it to arrive, erected and less reliance on outside scaffolding contractors. In most cases, the payback time for LOBO is measured in months when compared to conventional scaffolding. On our website, we identify these savings from actual case histories.”


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