Start time: 11:30 am

End time: 1:00 pm

The ability for UK business visitors to travel to the EU on work-related matters has changed. 

With the end of freedom of movement business travel between the EU and the UK will no longer be as easy as it once was.
The UK and the European Union have negotiated and agreed a new Trade & Cooperation Agreement (TCA) and the transition period ended on 31 December 2020 with the UK leaving the EU Single Market and Customs Union. This means there are significant and immediate changes for businesses trading with the EU and Northern Ireland.
New arrangements for UK business visitors to travel to the EU on work-related matters came into effect from 1 January 2021. The UK not being a member of the EU is now a ‘third-country’ and UK employers have to navigate individual EU member state rules for their mobile workforce.
The webinar provides a summary of the changes Companies need to consider in respect of the UK’s new immigration system and the new relationship with the EU as set out in the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA).

The webinar will cover:

  • UK/EU Trade Agreement 
  • What does the TCA mean for the UK?
  • Trade in services
  • People services
  • Movement of people 
  • Worker definitions under the TCA
  • Business visitor for establishment purposes
  • Independent professionals
  • Contractual service suppliers
  • ICT – Intra-Corporate-Transfers
  • Short term business visitors 
  • Permitted activities
  • UK employers – self-employed, contractors & agents
  • Professional qualifications 
  • Mutual recognition of professional qualifications
  • Social Security 
  • Social security rules
  • Penalties, fees and fines
  • Planning for travel 
  • Where to start
  • What you need to know about your workforce
  • What you need to know about EU immigration systems
  • Visa free travel to the EU
  • Case study – Germany
  • Working in the UK 
  • Routes 
  • Q&A
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