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Introducing a new initiative Safety and Health in Engineering Partnership – SHEP

26 Jun 2018

The HSE is about protecting lives and improving our working environment. Indeed, this mission is manifest in their latest strategy document: “Helping GB Work-well.” But the HSE cannot achieve this objective alone. It requires the co-operation and support of the whole of British industry and ideally an on-going dialogue between the two parties; a partnership; hence the inception of a new initiative; the Safety & Health in Engineering Partnership or “SHEP”.

To date, engagement with the Engineering sector has been relatively low and yet of necessity, they undertake some of the most hazardous operations. SHEP will address this situation by:

  • Aligning all parties with the key themes, including tackling ill health and supporting SME’s
  • Sharing information on new strategies and approaches for reducing the risks to health and safety
  • Gaining a better understanding and recognition of the risks to the health and safety within the engineering sector
  • Promoting good standards of health and safety practices within engineering industries
  • Acting as a focal point for the sharing information relevant to the engineering sector
  • Disseminating relevant legislation and producing guidance where necessary
  • Establishing and supporting good practice in the dissemination and embedding of information and key messages, through Trade Associations and their members

Membership and the SHEP Pledge

Membership of SHEP is free and is open to all engineering trade associations. The aspiration is to have all trade association members sign-up to a ‘SHEP Pledge’. In doing so, they will have direct access to SHEP services via their trade association. Companies will be able to exchange health & safety information, knowledge, experience and good practices. They will also be able to obtain information about the HSE’s current priorities and inspection campaigns and obtain advice, guidance and support where necessary.

Since two way communication is at the heart of SHEP, trade associations, with their responsibility for industry members, are the ideal portal for implementing the new SHEP initiative. They can benefit from access to the very latest H&S information and provide a conduit for their members to access advice from the HSE.

SHEP’s six strategic themes

To find out more about SHEP and how your company or trade association can benefit from becoming involved, call Jenny Skeldon on 020 3028 1722 or Chris Buxton on 07787 400747.