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Chester Machine Tools
Chester Machine Tools are pleased to announce their new strategic technology partnerships supporting their range of CNC machine tools. Technical alliances have been forged with two of the UK’s principal suppliers of carbide cutting tools ‘Tungaloy’ and suppliers of in-CNC Probe measuring systems for CNC Machining Centres ‘Blum-Novotest’. Having introduced a new range of competitive CNC machine tools to market, Chester sought technology partnerships to complement their range of high performance CNC machine tools, the intent to provide added value in the support and products offered with the complete production package to their customers.
For further information contact: Anthony Edwards and see: 

Linian Crane and Hoist Company
Swing jibs are often a preferred choice for quickly loading machines in workshops because they are very affordable compared with overhead cranes, yet they can cover a quite large floor area, and are relatively easy and safe to operate.
For further information contact: and see 

Presto International UK Ltd
HSCo Super Elite Jobber Drills
The precision CNC ground split point has been engineered for greater accuracy and penetration. Designed with a high helix flute, the Super Elite Drill has superior swarf removal and coolant flow to ensure greater accuracy and life span. Using some of the toughest High Speed Steel, the Super Elite Drill has been made even tougher with an extended tool life due to the application of a pioneering treatment.
For a free samplecontact:

Blu-Mol Xtreme Quickcore – Patented Hole Saw System
The NEW patented hole saw systems easily drills multiple sized holes in seconds without the complexity of traditional arbors, allowing you to finish your project faster and with less effort. See: 
For further information contact:

Sensor Technology Ltd
Sensor Technology has extended its new range of non-contact torque sensors up to 13,000Nm. When the range was launched in late 2020, the largest unit was 500Nm. The new sensors have the advantage that they can accurately measure and record sudden spikes in torque load. In the past this data was generally not required by plant and machinery operators, but with the growth in automated continuous monitoring it is becoming more and more important. The new design also compensates for any extraneous forces, such as bending moments, inadvertently applied to the sensor, improves sensitivity and has a wide temperature tolerance. The TorqSense SGR510/520 also offers several significant advantages over conventional torque sensors as it eliminates the sort of noise pickup and signal corruption associated with slip ring and other analogue methods of transferring torque data from rotor to stator.
For further information contact Tony Ingham and see: 


The EIA questionnaire covered questions relating to 2020 and predicted outcomes for the coming year. 

For 2020 
55% of companies advised that growth was lower with the remaining divided equally between higher and flat
Demand from UK customers - weaker at 77% with the remaining divided equally between higher and flat. 
Demand from export - weaker at 44%, stronger at 22%, flat at 11% and 23% N/A 
Number of Employees employed - 55% stayed the same and 45% fall 
70% of companies fully furloughed averaging around 30% of their workforce 
30% of companies semi furloughed 
Average Pay - 66% kept the same, 12% gave a 0-2% increase and 22% gave over a 4% increase 
Skills shortages - 37% companies advised no skills shortages 
Increased prices - 67% increased by 0 – 2%, 22% did not increase 11% increased over 2%

For 2021 
Overall Business confidence was 50% the same, 38% higher and 12% lower 
Expected growth - to be the same as the previous year 50% the same, 38% higher and 12% lower 
Expected demand from UK customers was divided as 33% throughout stronger, flat and weaker 
Expected export demand - flatter and weaker both at 33%, 12% stronger and 22% N/A 
Expected employment - 66% stayed the same, 12% to rise and 22% to fall 
Increase pay - 44% the same, 33% 0-2%, 12% 2-4% and 11% over 4% 
Skills shortages - ranked 12% for 0 skills shortages with the rest of the companies advising that this would problem. 
Increase prices - 44% planned to increase over 2%, 33% 0-2% and 23% did not plan to increase 
Planned to Invest - 44% planned more, 33% the same and 23% less 
When did they think business would be back to normal September 12%, end of 2021 22%, not until 2022 11% and 55% did not know 


HSE Health and Safety Spot Checks and Inspections during Coronavirus (COVID–19)

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has written to fabricated metal businesses across GB to check that they are managing the risks of welding fumes and metalworking fluids. Inspectors will be checking that businesses are complying with the guidance to manage the risk of respiratory diseases. If your business receives a letter, you should respond as soon as possible and by 24 March at the latest.

Inspectors will be out visiting fabricated metal businesses across GB between May and September 2021 to ensure duty holders know the risks, plan their work and have adequate control measures in place to protect workers’ health.

Further information and HSE guidance and resources to help manage the risks from welding fume can be found here and metalworking fluids can be found here.

Coronavirus Testing for Employees

The Government are offering Coronavirus Rapid Lateral Flow Tests for employees of companies of UK businesses with 50+ employees. In order to register and receive the forms click. 

The Redundancy Support Service for Apprentices

The Redundancy Support Service for Apprentices (ReSSA), launched by the Department for Education, provides clear, accessible advice and guidance to apprentices following redundancy, while supporting their next steps. It will help redundant apprentices to identify new apprenticeship and employment opportunities, and hopefully complete their apprenticeship.

The DoE are asking if EIA members would be able to support redundant apprentices by sharing details of any apprenticeship vacancies you have. Apprentices that have been made redundant may already have the valuable skills and experience that your organisation needs.
You could also be eligible for incentive payments for hiring a new apprentice of up to £2,000.

If you would like to recruit a redundant apprentice or offer new apprenticeship opportunities, please visit Hiring an apprentice who has been made redundant or call 0800 015 0600 to find out more or watch this video for more information. 

Talent Retention Solutions

TRS has created an Aviation Skills Retention Platform to support the UK Aviation industry. It has been designed to help talented individuals to showcase their experience and expertise whilst helping businesses find the expertise they need therefore aiding redeployment, and recruitment, skills retention and retraining activities across the aviation sector. 


Bounce Back Loans 
The Government have announced that Bounce Back Loan borrowers will now have the option to tailor payments according to their individual circumstances ie: extend the length of their loan from six to ten years, make interest-only payments for six months, with the option to use this up to three times throughout the loan, or pause repayments entirely for up to six months. The scheme is available for applications until 31st March 2021 see

Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) 
The Government has announced that CBILS will also be extended until 31st March 2021. see


Employer Bulletin: February 2021 has some important information and updates to help you prepare for the end of the tax year. There's also guidance about new products and changes which may affect you and gives you access to further information.

This edition of the Employer Bulletin covers: 

  • Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
  • end of tax year reporting and the checks which need to be completed
  • VAT reverse charge and changes to off-payroll working (IR35)

For further information on how HMRC are assisting companies through Covid-19 see.

For details on HMRC webinars for Organisations that trade with the EU see.

Updated guides to understand new customs and VAT requirements for EU see.

Customs & International Trade helpline on 0300 322 9434, for more help with importing, exporting or customs reliefs. 


The EIA has been updating members on an almost weekly basis on changes of legislation and information from Government. Companies can also search the Governmentwebsite for guidance on Funding and Support; Self Employed and Sole Traders; Your Responsibilities as Employers; How to run your Business Safely; What Businesses Should be Closed as well as Coronavirus Health and Well Being.

Department for Business, Energy & International Support  – Rules of Origin

Click here for a webinar on ROI. 
The EIA attended a webinar on Rules of Origin and the presentation was more detailed on the product codes.  We have attached the presentation – Post Transit Business Forum – New Rules for Business are Here and the following for your information: Rules of Origin for Trading with the EU – A short explanation for SMEs, Tariffs & Rules of Origin in the UK – EU Trade & Cooperation Agreement – Frequency asked Questions.

The EIA also has a page of questions and answers to assist members on BREXIT see and have developed a page of useful BREXIT links for information to assist you with the transition see


The SME Brexit Support Fund could give you up to £2,000 to help with training or professional advice, if your business has up to 500 employees and no more than £100 million annual turnover. SMEs who trade only with the EU and are therefore new to importing and exporting processes will be encouraged to apply for grants to pay for practical support including training and professional advice to ensure they can continue trading effectively with the EU.

DIT has launched its new Internationalisation Fund for eligible English businesses. There are match-funded grants of between £1,000 and £9,000 available for future activity (subject to eligibility and availability).  The fund can support the following and other export activity on consultation; market research, IP advices, translation, international social media/seo, trade fairs (where no TAP funding is available), independent market visits, consultancy and other international commercial services.

Innovate UK Edge is for expert advice for business looking to commercialise new ideas for international markets. Funded expert support will be available for exploiting innovation, intellectual property and connections in the UK and abroad, entering new markets at home and abroad and accessing funding and finance and getting investment ready. Until December 30th 2020, companies would have had support from Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) innovation and growth specialist.

DIT Trader Support Service provides targeted support for companies moving goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland and will guide you through any changes due to the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Upcoming Webinars  
DIT Recorded Webinars 


UK Export Finance (UKEF) has launched a new guarantee scheme that will help importers of UK goods and services obtain the financing they need, unlocking trade and boosting exports. The Standard Buyer Loan Guarantee (SBLG) allows UKEF to guarantee a loan of up to 85% of the contract value, with a UK company - typically worth between £1 million to £30 million. As part of an overhaul to make UKEF’s buyer credit support more accessible, this ensures UK businesses get paid upfront to fulfil an export contract while their overseas buyers can repay the loan from their lender over a longer period. For further information on UK Export Finance see


Members looking for business funding, support or guidance, should contact their local Growth Hub who will be able to assist them. There are 38 across England and can be found here. The Hubs are local public/private sector partnerships led by the Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs). They join up national local business support so it is easy for businesses to find the help they need. Members have also been emailed information from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), and EIA member Citation with details on health and safety and HR.

To make sure businesses operate safely and stay compliant, Citation’s team of HR, Employment Law and Health & Safety experts have created a complete back to business toolkit


SHEP - Welding Fume and Metalworking Fluid Webinar – 9 March 2021 
The EIA are part of the Safety and Health Engineering Partnership who are hosting this webinar which is designed to improve attendee’s ability to manage the health hazards from welding fume and metalworking fluids. All welding fumes (including mild steel) are classed as carcinogens. Metalworking fluids can cause occupational asthma, occupational hypersensitivity pneumonitis and dermatitis.

The webinar will cover; a case study of an HSE investigation, the control measures required to protect the health of your workers, a summary of the fluid quality checks which must be performed on metalworking fluids and a Q&A session.

Speakers include: 

  • Fiona McGarry, H M Inspector of Health and Safety, Health and Safety Executive
  • Matt Bloomer, Technical Services Manager, Q8 Oils on behalf of UKLA
  • Sarah Palfreyman, H M Inspector of Health and Safety, Health and Safety Executive

Link to register: 


Click on the following Organisations for a list of their events:

British Chambers of Commerce Global Business Network

China-Britain Business Council (CBBC)

Department for International Trade (DIT)

Open to Export

Rail Mentor The Gateway to Business Growth

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce

International Trade Forum (Sheffield)


15 March - Latest Lockdown Rules – Where are we now?

22 March - Getting the Best from Your Staff During Covid

29 March - Covid Testing at Work – What You Need to Know from an HR and H&S Prespective

UK EXHIBITIONS - LATEST SCHEDULE (Please check nearer the time)

14 – 16 September 2021 
NEC, Birmingham

Co-located with Aero Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Composites Engineering, 
Performance Engineering, Connected 
Engineering, Medical Engineering
3 – 4 November 2021
NEC, Birmingham

4 – 8 April 2022
NEC, Birmingham
Running Concurrently with the following:
Air-Tech Exhibition 2022
Drives & Controls 2022
Fluid Power & Systems 2022
Plant & Asset Management 2022
Smart Industry Expo 2022 
5 – 7 April 2022 
NEC, Birmingham


The EIA and MTA have not received confirmation of the grant funded exhibitions for their programme of events for the Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP) for 2021 – March 2022. Many of the shows have been rescheduled on account of the Coronavirus. Whilst we are hoping that events will take place, they may still be rescheduled and may be affected by travel restrictions.

In order to assist UK companies with their exports, we would therefore be pleased to discuss your participation at the events through agents/distributors if the shows go ahead. We will discuss this with relevant Organisers near the dates if it is not possible for UK companies to go to the country where the exhibition is taking place.

The following are the proposed trade shows which we would like to sponsor through the TAP programme through the Department for International Trade with grants of up to £2,500 in some countries.

Indian Tool Cutting & Machine Tool Exhibition / Cutting Tool, Tooling Systems, Machine Tool Accessories, Metrology and CAD/CAM
17 - 23 June 2021
Bangalore, India

7 – 10 July 2021
HoChi Minh City, Vietnam

International Defence Industry Exhibition
7 – 10 September 2021
Kielce, Poland

4 – 9 October 2021
Fiera Milano

17 – 20 November 2021
Bangkok, Thailand

Contact: Karen on for further information. For a complete list of all DIT supported shows, click here 


DIT offer a range of UK international trade services to UK companies including Export Opportunities, High Value Opportunities, E-Exporting, Tradeshow Access Programme, Events, Trade Fairs, Missions, Webinars, Overseas Market Introductions as well as support from a DIT International Trade Advisor. For details click here.

Click UK Export Finance and Open To Export for more information.


The EIA have regional Chairmen who would be happy to assist member companies.
Please contact:

North West Chairman, Peter Thornhill on 07710 079644 or
Associate Consultant for the North, Reuben Ash on 07974 750115 or

Southern Chairman, Mac Ghadially on 07770 795905 or

The EIA also has a Chinese Partner, Hanming Lee, based in Beijing China
Tel: +86 10 51660311 email: or


The EIA provide an enormous number of services and benefits for members. We would be delighted to update you so that you see how we can assist you to run your business together with money saving initiatives. If you would like us to send you a leaflet contact

We would like to hear how EIA members have implemented new 4.0 technology into their businesses no matter how small this is. Please send a short paragraph to Karen on as it may be of interest to other members.


Cheetham Jackson Ltd 
Cheetham Jackson are an independent financial planning business with a drive and dedication to deliver excellent financial planning to our clients. They believe in providing personal, face-to-face, truly independent financial advice to clients, and are passionate about the quality of the advice provided together with the ongoing service that they deliver.

For more information, contact Andy Umebuani on 0161 870 0166
email: web:

Howden Group
As part of your membership benefits you have access to the health and wellness advice of Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing, an independent health and wellness specialist, working with companies of all sizes, consumers and their families, to source the best healthcare solution to suit your needs. Their expert consultant and customer service teams are renowned. Their knowledge, expertise and commitment means they get to know what really works for you and when relevant, are able to think further than the usual solutions.

For more information visit our website or contact your partnership account manager, Katy Lyles on 01274 588 862 or email

The Institute of Export & International Trade 
The EIA have partnered with the Institute of Export who are the professional membership body representing and supporting the interests of everyone involved in importing, exporting and international trade.

The EIA are now able to offer its members’ access to the IOE’s Helpline, for all export related enquiries, and a reduction on the price of IOE’s training and educational programmes.

A calendar of all events, including training and partner events, can be found here.  For further information, please see our website or  contact Luke Allingham at the IOE on or Tel: +44 (0) 1733 404 423.

Metallum Insure
Metallum Insure, is a unique Commercial Combined Policy available exclusively to members of the Engineering Industries Association. Companies have been most happy with the quotations received and both new and existing members, have made the decision to insure their business through Metallum. Underwritten by leading ‘A’ Rated insurers, cover is flexible and can be tailored to meet individual requirements, fitting a wide range of industries and processes in the engineering sector. In addition, subsidised EIA membership fees are available to Metallum Insure Policyholders.

To learn more click here or call the friendly team on 0161 483 3888

Renshaw Williams & Co LimitedGreat Moor House, 2 Fence Street, Great Moor, Stockport, Cheshire SK2 7HP

The National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB)
NACFB is the UK’s largest trade body for the commercial finance broker.

The NACFB launched findSMEfinance in February 2019, a platform that allows UK businesses to seek finance through approved, independent and regulated UK brokers. Businesses can enter their requirements for finance and are then presented with up to 6 NACFB brokers who match the criteria entered and are in the vicinity of the business seeking finance.

For further information contact: Nicholas Murphy on
Tel: 020 3892 6017 or click here

Petaurum Solutions
We help companies plan and implement change and new ways of working. From simple HR advice to taking on or moving out employees through mergers and acquisitions. We not only support the planning but also help and advice during any implementation stage, thereby giving our clients the best solution for success and by doing the right thing at the right time, helping save time and money and reduce company and personal frustration by avoiding costly rework. We also provide simple cost-effective Pensions Automatic Enrolment solutions and a great employee benefits scheme all of which will help you attract and retain great people. For more information click here.


The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) is the authoritative body in Great Britain for issues relating to health and safety in the workplace. The HSE website provides online search and ordering facilities for their publications and is updated daily. You can order by telephone, fax, email or post. Contact details: HSE, PO Box 199, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 2WA. Tel: 01787 881165 or click here. The Stationary Office can be contacted on 020 7873 0011.

SHEP (The Safety and Health Engineering Partnership) enables companies to anomalously work through their trade associations with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) to assist and improve standards within the engineering sector. If you have any Health & Safety issues in the workplace contact the EIA.

EIA Member,Citation PLC can provide advice on Health and Safety and Employment law and offer training courses all over the country. Free guides are also available for members and for a free audit of your existing compliance standard, call Citation on 0845 844 1111. 

Do not forget to mention that you are an EIA member in order to get your discount on the Citation service


EIA members are invited to promote their spare capacity, request assistance with outsourcing or promote machines for sale on our trade leads section of our website. Email your leads to Click here for the latest trade leads.

Additionally, EIA Member Qimtek Limited provide engineering leads at special rates for EIA members. Click here for more details.


Information on the latest European grants, UK Government grants and other sources of funding to help start and grow your business (promoting, improving productivity, buying equipment, employing staff etc) in all UK regions can be found here.

EIA Member, MCS Corporate Strategies Ltd can give further information on any of the following: 

  • Research & Development Tax Credits
  • RDEC
  • Land Remediation Relief
  • Patent Box Corporate Tax Relief
  • Innovate UK Grants
  • Research & Development Capital Allowances
  • EIS – SEIS
  • Grants

MCS will identify, analyse, compile and prepare full claims for submission to HMRC and awarding bodies.  This includes financial and technical reports and ongoing liaison-contact with HMRC.  Direct any queries about these items and any other reliefs and allowances to MCS. Call 01926 512 475 or e.mail:


The Governments new website aims to assist companies start, grow and improve their businesses. It is the Governments primary support service.
For up-to-date information, support and compliance click here.


The EIA has teamed up with Croner to offer you access to the Croner Business Support Advice Line as a benefit of your membership subscription, at no additional charge.

What can I receive advice on?

  • Health and Safety
  • Employment Law and Personnel
  • Tax, VAT, PAYE, NIC, & Payroll
  • Commercial legal matters

What are the benefits?

  • Peace of mind - Access to a team of professional advisors with unparalleled knowledge, qualifications and experience.  All from professional backgrounds many of them experienced HR Professionals, solicitors, along with ex Inland Revenue, tax & vat consultants and also Tech IOSH qualified safety consultants.
  • Save money - 1 hour of employment law advice with an experienced employment law solicitor could cost in excess of £200 per hour.  This level of advice is included in your membership subscription, so saving you money and offering you peace of mind that you are turning to industry professionals for support.
  • Save Time – Searching the internet for the correct document or piece of legislation can take an incredible amount of time, along with the added stress that as the internet is not controlled, the legislation you have found could be out of date or the document is not suitable for use within the UK. 

How do I contact the Consultants?

Full details were sent in your membership pack or contact EIA Head Office at or telephone 0207 298 6455.

We are constantly making changes to the EIA newsletter. Please let us know if there is anything that you would like us to include. Or if you have an item of news, a new product to promote, new premises, new state of the art equipment, have won a good order or an award, or any item that you think would interest other members, or that you think members should be aware of, please send this to Karen on