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Severe winter weather has affected much of the UK with many areas completely cut off by snow and ice. In this topical article,, we consider the HR & Employment Law implications of the weather, and advice on how employers can best handle the situation.

Croner have put together an expert Q&A,, on the most common issues employers face when confronted with adverse weather.

Our expert Q&A answers the following questions: 

  • I cannot open my workplace, do I have to pay employees?
  • I have decided to send employees home because business is so slow, do I have to pay them for the hours if they go early?
  • A few of my employees have called to say they cannot get to work because of the snow, do I need to pay them?
  • Can I make employees take the time off as holiday if they are off?
  • Do I need to give special treatment to employees who have to look after their children if they are off school?

Protect your business and employees this winter