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The EIA has been updating members on an almost daily basis on changes of legislation and information from Government. Companies can also search the Government website for guidance on Funding and Support; Self Employed and Sole Traders; Your Responsibilities as Employers; How to run your Business Safely; What Businesses Should be Closed as well as Coronavirus Health and Well Being.

NEW - Government introduces legislation on Insolvency

The government has introduced the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Bill in Parliament, which will put in place a series of measures to amend insolvency and company law to support business to address the challenges resulting from the impact of coronavirus (Covid-19). Click here for details.


Members looking for business funding, support or guidance, should contact their local Growth Hub who will be able to assist them. There are 38 across England and can be found here. The Hubs are local public/private sector partnerships led by the Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs). They join up national local business support so it is easy for businesses to find the help they need.

Members have also been emailed information from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), and EIA member Citation with details on health and safety and HR. Citation have run two webinars for EIA members –  Covid-19 HR/Employment Law/HSE Webinar – Manufacturing Focused and Back To Business. Please also see attached leaflets.

Working Safely Through Coronavirus – Covid-19
HSE latest information and advice on Coronavirus

HSE working safely through the Coronavirus outbreak
BEIS working safely through Coronavirus 


The EIA has also taken the opportunity to lobby government with a number of Organisations on issues which have been formed as a result of the Coronavirus.

Export Partners UK

Export Partners UK is usually our lobbying group for UK exports, and comprises of 41 not-for profit trade associations working with SMEs in industry sectors right across the board from agriculture, construction, creative, engineering and healthcare.

During a recent Committee meeting in May, there was a discussion on whilst British businesses appreciated the measures that the Chancellor had provided for the Covid-19 lockdown, there were some areas that we could see that the support could be improved to protect jobs and save money. The Chairman of Export Partners UK has therefore written a letter on our behalf to The Right Honourable Rishi Sunak MP, highlighting our issues and also copied in Murina Murza, Director, of the Number 10 Policy Unit and the CBI.

Herewith the main points:

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme - We welcome the extension of the furlough scheme to October 2020 to support business survival and retain jobs. However, many companies are keen to get their businesses back to work on a gradual basis before August (the current date set), to proceed with business recovery both at home and abroad. Waiting until October is not an option for many businesses to adapt to a new way of working and many are already faced with having to lay off staff.  Flexibility with the furlough scheme would enable our manufacturers to reopen sooner where they have some orders coming in and keep more employees in employment in the longer term. The sooner this starts the better for companies and employees as the current system is holding manufacturers, in particular, back. Please consider moving this date to 1 June 2020. Flexibility in the scheme would enable companies to furlough (or unfurlough) on a partial basis, say 30%, 50% or 70% of the normal working week, with the employer covering all the hours actually worked and being supported for those not worked. This would enable businesses to get back to work gradually, save jobs and allow planning for staffing needs as well as helping manufacturers implement social distancing in the work place. Very importantly, it would give a massive saving to the Exchequer as businesses would be able to use more paid staff to do the work the country urgently needs. Similarly, it would also give you a flexible tool in the event that further lockdowns are necessary. This is a win-win solution. HMRC should be comfortable relying on the information supplied by British businesses on the number of hours worked in any month, as many of our major competitor countries already do.

CBILS and Bounceback Loans - We welcome both these loan schemes for businesses as well as the local authority grant schemes, which are especially important for smaller businesses. One or two of the bigger banks continue to make access to these vital loans impossible for their customers at a critical time. Agreements between the banks also prevent customers, however profitable they may have been before, from taking their business to another bank to secure one of these loans elsewhere. In doing so they are actively jeopardising the recovery of their customers and are clearly not following the spirit of the support you have offered.

Late payments and aggressive practices from larger companies towards SMEs
Larger companies using Covid-19 as the pretext to withhold payments to smaller British suppliers or demanding new terms from them is causing huge downward pressure on the supply chain and is forcing smaller companies out of business. Larger companies have received generous support from the taxpayer but they know that SME businesses are in no position to protest or dictate more equitable terms of sale. This affects most industries and the scale of the issue has increased dramatically since February/March 2020. This is an issue particularly for retail and some manufacturing industries. Please consider introducing legislation or other methods to stop larger companies from taking advantage of smaller suppliers. A government charter backed by an independent adjudicator would ensure that the financial relationship between larger and smaller companies remains equitable. As an alternative, government could require all UK businesses which were in receipt of CJRS or CBILS to pay SME suppliers within 30 days. This would provide short and long term benefits to the economy and the UK’s reputation as a fair place to do business.

Whilst we appreciated Rishi Sunak’s support for British business at this challenging time, we hoped that these recommendations were intended to speed up the recovery of the economy, improve British business survival rates and save more jobs, while reducing the debt burden on the country.

The Genesis Initiative

The Genesis Initiative has called for the UK government to turn its future investments and loans to small businesses into a UK Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF). “The Fund would turn new debt in UK small businesses into long-term loans or investments to back those businesses for the long term, thus ensuring their survival, turnaround and prosperity”, said Genesis chairman John May.

  • The SME sector represents 97% of UK businesses
  • The survival of a significant proportion of UK business, especially SMEs, will depend on funding generated and underwritten by taxpayers
  • That funding should build a UK Sovereign Wealth Fund, providing returns to the whole nation through equity or loan investment in UK SMEs

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have always been the bedrock of the UK’s commercial life and almost all new net job creation comes from the SME sector. The future of the SME sector, and so the economy, will depend on funding generated and underpinned by tax-payers.

The SWF will manage the flow of national funds into SMEs in return for equity-ownership, or loan based interest payments, or both. In this way, the SWF will secure its investments and create the opportunity for increasing future wealth, giving the nation a return on investment.

Public Investment in the SME sector
The US and Germany are just two countries with a not dissimilar outlook on the importance of SMEs that make a strong state backed lending and investment commitment to that sector. Respectively, The US Small Business Administration and Germany’s KfW Development Bank are just 2 examples of national organisations taking a long term stake in the growth and development of the SME sector, working on the basis of a return to the nation rather than state subsidy to small businesses.

Like the US Small Business Administration, regional hubs can be established to ensure local focus on local issues. Banks and other institutions, including pension funds and insurance companies, who want to participate in this enterprise will be welcomed. These institutions are not able to behave like a SWF – the risk profile is too difficult for them – but they should not be precluded from supporting it. They can lend to the SWF and thus ensure they remain within their industry regulatory framework, thus minimising future risk.

The Case for a UK Sovereign Wealth Fund can be obtained here.

Over the coming weeks, Genesis will be running campaigns with partners to reach politicians, civil servants and businesses themselves on the following issues;

  • Short-term liquidity and the government credit card
  • On tackling late payment
  • On mitigating litigation and disputes – the last thing the country will need are business disputes arising from Covid-19 in court
  • On supporting online retailers, continuing the work Genesis has done with VAT Fraud UK for a group of SMEs that are particularly honourable

If you think there are other particular campaigns Genesis should be running as part of the Covid-19 response, then please contact Karen on __________________________________________________________________


The Government has announced the UK’s new MFN (most favoured nation) tariff regime, the UK Global Tariff (UKGT). This will replace the EU’s Common External Tariff on 1 January 2021 at the end of the Transition Period.  Use the UK Global Tariff Tool to check the tariffs that will apply to goods UK businesses import from this date.


Department for International Trade (DIT)

The EIA and MTA have received confirmation of the grant funded exhibitions for their programme of events for the Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP) for 2020 – 2021. Please see attached list. Whilst we are hoping that some of these events will take place, they may be rescheduled or even cancelled until next year because of the Coronavirus and travel restrictions.

In order to assist UK companies with their exports, we would therefore be pleased to discuss your participation at the events through agents/distributors if the shows go ahead. DIT are also looking at the scope of virtual shows and entries on exhibition websites and have piloted some events as new approaches to overseas promotion. We will discuss this with relevant Organisers near the dates if it is not possible for UK companies to go to the country where the exhibition is taking place.


The following trade shows have been sponsored by the Department for International Trade under the Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP) with grants of up to £2,500 in some countries.

International Defence Industry Exhibition

1 - 4 September 2020
Kielce, Poland 

International Manufacturing Technology Show

14 – 19 September 2020
Chicago, USA 

International exhibition for metal working

15 – 19 September 2020
Stuttgart, Germany

International Sheet Metal Working Exhibition

27 – 30 October 2020
Hanover, Germany

International Precision Engineering, Machine Tools and Metalworking Exhibition

4 – 7 November 2020
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

International Machine Tool and Metalworking Technology Trade Exhibition and Conference

18 - 21 November 2020
Bangkok, Thailand

Premier Show for Metalworking, Metal Manufacturing and Steel Fabrication Industry

11 – 14 January 2021
Sharjah, UAE

27 - 28 January 2021
Dublin, Ireland

Tool Cutting and Machine Tool Exhibition

21 – 27 January 2021
Bangalore, India

2 - 4 February 2021

Monterrey, Mexico 

International Hardware Fair

21 -24 March 2021
Cologne, Germany

International Exhibition of Building and Construction

22 – 24 March 2021
Muscat, Oman 

China International Machine Tool Show

19 - 21 April 2021
Beijing, China

International show for the machine tool and metalworking industry

24 – 28 May 2021
Moscow, Russia

* funding not yet available

Contact: Karen on for further information. For a complete list of all DIT supported shows, click here.

UK EXHIBITIONS - LATEST SCHEDULE (Please check nearer the time)

7 – 8 October 2020


Co-located with Aero Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Composites Engineering, Performance Engineering, Connected Engineering, Medical Engineering

4 – 5 November 2020

25 – 28 January 2021

NEC, Birmingham
Running Concurrently with the following:

Air-Tech Exhibition 2021
Drives & Controls 2021 

Fluid Power & Systems 2021
Plant & Asset Management 2021
Smart Industry Expo 2021
25 – 27 January 2021
NEC, Birmingham

26 – 28 January 2021
NEC, Birmingham


Click on the following Organisations for a list of their events:

Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce

British Chambers of Commerce Global Business Network

China-Britain Business Council (CBBC)

Department for International Trade (DIT)

Open to Export

Rail Mentor – The Gateway to Business Growth

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce

International Trade Forum (Sheffield)


DIT offer a range of UK international trade services to UK companies including Export Opportunities, High Value Opportunities, E-Exporting, Tradeshow Access Programme, Events, Trade Fairs, Missions, Webinars, Overseas Market Introductions as well as support from a DIT International Trade Advisor. For details click here.

Click UK Export Finance and Open To Export for more information.


The EIA have regional Chairmen who would be happy to assist member companies.

Please contact:

North West Chairman, Peter Thornhill on 07710 079644 or

Associate Consultant for the North, Reuben Ash on 07974 750115 or

Southern Chairman, Mac Ghadially on 07770 795905 or

The EIA also has a Chinese Partner, Hanming Lee, based in Beijing China
Tel: +86 10 51660311 email: or


The EIA provide an enormous number of services and benefits for members. We would be delighted to update you so that you see how we can assist you to run your business together with money saving initiatives. If you would like us to send you a leaflet contact

We would like to hear how EIA members have implemented new 4.0 technology into their businesses no matter how small this is. Please send a short paragraph to Karen on as it may be of interest to other members.


Howden Group

As part of your membership benefits you have access to the health and wellness advice of Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing, an independent health and wellness specialist, working with companies of all sizes, consumers and their families, to source the best healthcare solution to suit your needs. Their expert consultant and customer service teams are renowned. Their knowledge, expertise and commitment means they get to know what really works for you and when relevant, are able to think further than the usual solutions.

For more information visit our website or contact your partnership account manager, Katy Lyles on 01274 588 862 or email

Institute of Export & International Trade

The EIA have partnered with the Institute of Export who are the professional membership body representing and supporting the interests of everyone involved in importing, exporting and international trade.

The EIA are now able to offer its members’ access to the IOE’s Helpline, for all export related enquiries, and a reduction on the price of IOE’s training and educational programmes.

A calendar of all events can be found on including training and partner events can be found here.

For further information, please see our website or  contact Luke Allingham at the IOE on or Tel: +44 (0) 1733 404 423.

Metallum Insure

Metallum Insure, is a unique Commercial Combined Policy available exclusively to members of the Engineering Industries Association. Companies have been most happy with the quotations received and both new and existing members, have made the decision to insure their business through Metallum. Underwritten by leading ‘A’ Rated insurers, cover is flexible and can be tailored to meet individual requirements, fitting a wide range of industries and processes in the engineering sector. In addition, subsidised EIA membership fees are available to Metallum Insure Policyholders.

To learn more click here or call the friendly team on 0161 483 3888

Renshaw Williams & Co Limited Great Moor House, 2 Fence Street, Great Moor, Stockport, Cheshire SK2 7HP


The National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers is the UK’s largest trade body for the commercial finance broker.

The NACFB launched findSMEfinance in February 2019, a platform that allows UK businesses to seek finance through approved, independent and regulated UK brokers. Businesses can enter their requirements for finance and are then presented with up to 6 NACFB brokers who match the criteria entered and are in the vicinity of the business seeking finance.

For further information contact: Nicholas Murphy on

Tel: 020 3892 6017 or click here.

Petaurum Solutions

We help companies plan and implement change and new ways of working. From simple HR advice to taking on or moving out employees through mergers and acquisitions. We not only support the planning but also help and advice during any implementation stage, thereby giving our clients the best solution for success and by doing the right thing at the right time, helping save time and money and reduce company and personal frustration by avoiding costly rework. We also provide simple cost-effective Pensions Automatic Enrolment solutions and a great employee benefits scheme all of which will help you attract and retain great people. For more information click here.


The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) is the authoritative body in Great Britain for issues relating to health and safety in the workplace. The HSE website provides online search and ordering facilities for their publications and is updated daily. You can order by telephone, fax, email or post. Contact details: HSE, PO Box 199, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 2WA. Tel: 01787 881165 or click here. The Stationary Office can be contacted on 020 7873 0011.

SHEP (The Safety and Health Engineering Partnership) enables companies to anomalously work through their trade associations with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) to assist and improve standards within the engineering sector. If you have any Health & Safety issues in the workplace contact the EIA.

Additionally, EIA Member, Citation PLC can provide advice on Health and Safety and Employment law and offer training courses all over the country. Free guides are also available for members and for a free audit of your existing compliance standard, call Citation on 0845 844 1111.

Do not forget to mention that you are an EIA member in order to get your discount on the Citation service


EIA members are invited to promote their spare capacity, request assistance with outsourcing or promote machines for sale on our trade leads section of our website. Email your leads to Click here for the latest trade leads.

Additionally, EIA Member Qimtek Limited provide engineering leads at special rates for EIA members. Click here for more details.


Information on the latest European grants, UK Government grants and other sources of funding to help start and grow your business (promoting, improving productivity, buying equipment, employing staff etc) in all UK regions can be found here.

Additionally, EIA Member, MCS Corporate Strategies Ltd can give further information on any of the following:

  • Research & Development Tax Credits
  • RDEC
  • Land Remediation Relief
  • Patent Box Corporate Tax Relief
  • Innovate UK Grants
  • Research & Development Capital Allowances
  • EIS – SEIS
  • Grants

MCS will identify, analyse, compile and prepare full claims for submission to HMRC and awarding bodies.  This includes financial and technical reports and ongoing liaison-contact with HMRC.  Direct any queries about these items and any other reliefs and allowances to MCS.
Call 01926 512 475 or e.mail: ___________________________________________________________________


The Governments new website aims to assist companies start, grow and improve their businesses. It is the Governments primary support service.

For up-to-date information, support and compliance click here.


The EIA has teamed up with Croner to offer you access to the Croner Business Support Advice Line as a benefit of your membership subscription, at no additional charge.

With over 70 years’ experience, Croner is the leading provider of compliance solutions to UK businesses. Croner employs specialists, all having professional backgrounds and qualifications, many of them experienced solicitors, so members can benefit from their extensive knowledge and practical experience, in their respective fields.  The advice Croner provide is ‘solution based’ rather than legal jargon and always up to date and relevant.

What can I receive advice on?

Telephone Advice and guidance will be provided in UK Law and practice in the following areas:

  • Health and Safety
  • Employment Law and Personnel
  • Tax, VAT, PAYE, NIC, & Payroll
  • Commercial legal matters

What are the benefits?

You’ll enjoy the following benefits from the Croner consultancy team

  • Peace of mind - Access to a team of professional advisors with unparalleled knowledge, qualifications and experience. All from professional backgrounds many of them experienced HR Professionals, solicitors, along with ex Inland Revenue, tax & vat consultants and also Tech IOSH qualified safety consultants.
  • Save money - 1 hour of employment law advice with an experienced employment law solicitor could cost in excess of £200 per hour. This level of advice is included in your membership subscription, so saving you money and offering you peace of mind that you are turning to industry professionals for support.
  • Save Time – Searching the internet for the correct document or piece of legislation can take an incredible amount of time, along with the added stress that as the internet is not controlled, the legislation you have found could be out of date or the document is not suitable for use within the UK.

How do I contact the Consultants?

Full details were sent in your membership pack or contact EIA Head Office at  or telephone 0207 298 6455. 


We are constantly making changes to the EIA newsletter. Please let us know if there is anything that you would like us to include. Or if you have an item of news, a new product to promote, new premises, new state of the art equipment, have won a good order or an award, or any item that you think would interest other members, or that you think members should be aware of, please send this to Karen on