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Eclipse Magnetics Ltd
Atlas Way
S4 7QQ

Tel: 0114 225 0600




Neil Fowler
Marketing Manager

Eclipse Magnetics has over 100 year’s of expertise in manufacturing high performance magnetic products for a wide range of industries.

Our range of magnetic filtration systems reduce fluid usage, reduce waste and improve surface finish on precision steel machining applications. High performance magnetic circuits ensure that even the smallest ferrous particles are removed from valuable industrial fluids such as oils and coolants.

Our magnetic materials and magnetic assemblies are widely used in OEM projects for most industries including automotive, food, steel, communications, aerospace, security and engineering. We offer off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions.

Our range of magnetic lifters and workholding products offer greater precision, safety and efficiency to steel manufacturing and machining processes.

Our range of magnetic welding aids and workshop tools provide efficient magnetic solutions to everyday tasks.

Brand Names: Micromag, Filtramag+, Automag, Automag Skid, Autofiltrex, Ultralift