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TransGlobal Payment Solutions Ltd
Level 6
Broadgate Tower
20 Primrose Street

Tel: 0844 815 3240

Fax: 0844 815 3241



Oussama Kseibati
Sales Relationship Manager

Neil Kinnon
General Manager

Mike McTavish
Group Head of Trading

TransGlobal specialises in currency trading and collaborative payment solutions to help businesses and individuals process international transactions. TransGlobal also provide both UK BACS payments and direct debit services to UK businesses to help manage supplier and employee payments and customer invoice settlement. We provide the most secure and user-friendly foreign exchange payments solution in the market today via PayFac.

PayFac provides a fully-automated payment solution, one that is quick, secure, reliable and cost effective, so you can entrust all your global transactions and UK payments with TransGlobal's team of currency and payment experts.

Accreditation: TransGlobal Payment Solutions Ltd is approved by the Financial Conduct Authority as a Payment Institution under the Payment Services Regulations 2009. Our Firm Reference number is 540963. TransGlobal Payment Solutions Ltd is a registered Money Service Business with HM Revenue & Customs in relation to the execution of spot and forward foreign exchange transactions. Our Registration Number is 12274243.

Other Associations: EIA, BFBI, GMCC

Workforce: 11