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1st Machine Tool Accessories Ltd
Unit 1
The Headlands

Tel: 01725 512517

Fax: 01725 512529




Catherine Kelly
General Manager

1st Machine Tool Accessories Ltd specialises in high quality workholding equipment and associated products for the workshop. 

Offering an unparalleded range of top quality products at competitive prices including: collets; chuck jaws; Kitagawa power, collet and manual chucks, work grippers, NC rotary tables and machine vices; TdeG manual chucks; Tecnomors indexing chucks; the IEMCA range of short, long and multi-spindle barfeeders; Chick Workholding, the leader in modern workholding for CNC machines; Walmag magnetic workholding and lifting; OK Vise low-profile clamps; Leave modular jig and fixturing equipment; BEST centric grippers; Darex tool sharpeners, the world’s best-selling industrial sharpeners; Brighetti reduction bushes; Abbott jaws and tooling columns; Cooljet high pressure coolant systems; Eclipse magnetic filtration; V-Tech zero point; Wogaard oil and coolant savers; and much, much more. Together with an experienced Technical Department offering customised solutions, a Technical Sales force able to demo products and a dedication to excellent customer relations 1st Machine Tool Accessories Ltd offers the complete workholding solution – all backed by excellent warranty and service.

Trade Names: Kitagawa, TdeG, Tecnomors, Chick Workholding, Darex, IEMCA, Cooljet, Abbott Workholding, BEST, V-Tech, Walmag, OK Vise, Re-Stop, Brighetti, Eclipse, Leave, Mitee Bite, Wogaard Coolant Saver

Associations: MTA

Exporting to: Ireland

Workforce: 15